Curriculum Vitae

Ntuli work merges the ambit of artistic research, sculpture, video installations and performative practices. He consistently engages diverse publics/audiences and attempts to make visible history’s gaps/breaks/silences/ pauses and remnants.

Press Pack

Media related material

This press pack includes, potrait images, newspaper clippings for articles, research papers and academic journals.


Echoes From The Point Cloud

Kunanela iphuzu emafini / Echoes of the Point Cloud contains excerpts from South Africa’s history of motion pictures in collision with current point cloud data, automation, and synthesis bestowed by Artificial Intelligence.


A nest is built with strands of hair

Taking the birds' persevering "weaving" of different found materials as a starting point, Ntuli draws a parallel between the systems that it carries in its structure and our human need to belong.


Catalogue 2013/2015

A haunting performance-installation, Umjondolo (shack) addresses notions of space and belonging, city and citizenship. As a counter-narrative to monolithic representations of history.